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Talkshow for Slack

Host a public chat, right from Slack.

Live blog an event. Share what's happening with your team. Interview a friend. All right from Slack, and broadcast to the web so your fans and followers can watch in real-time, or after the fact.

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Here's how it works

  1. Install Talkshow for Slack into your team.
  2. Invite @talkshowbot into a #channel where you want to host your Talkshow and broadcast your Slack conversation to the world.
  3. Tell the bot to start your show by saying @talkshowbot start. You'll be live, and the friendly bot will give you a public URL suitable for sharing.
  4. Done with your show? Just say @talkshowbot stop and you'll stop broadcasting. But the URL sticks around so your fans can catch up on your witty banter for up to a week.

And here are some answers to questions you may have.

If your question about Talkshow for Slack isn't answered here, hit us up at We may also be available to answer other questions, depending on how personal they get.


Wait. My Slack's completely private. Why would I want to do this?

If your Slack is designed to be completely private (and most of them are!) then Talkshow for Slack isn't for you. But if you're a community, or a media company, or a podcast network, or just a bunch of friends who use Slack to shoot the s***, then Talkshow for Slack might be for you.

Will this make every channel in my Slack team public?

No. After you install the Talkshow for Slack app, any channel in your Slack team can be a home for broadcast conversation, but the @talkshowbot will only work in the channels it's invited into. We recommend that you create a special channel in your Slack team that you want to broadcast, and only invite @talkshowbot into that channel.

Does the Talkshow update live as we post in our Slack channel?

Yes! As soon as you send a message in your Slack channel, it will show up on the web.

How long do my messages stick around?

Messages that you broadcast from Slack will be visible for a week. Messages older than a week will not be displayIf you're interested in hosting Talkshows that stick around for a longer period of time, get in touch with us: we'd love to hear more about your plans.

What happens if I edit or delete a message in Slack?

Talkshow for Slack will do its best to update or delete that message on the web.

What kind of media can I share in my Talkshow?

Talkshow for Slack supports displaying photos and animated GIFs that are shared with your messages. Additionally, we will display most "unfurled" URLs that are attached to messages, like Twitter links, YouTube links, Spotify links, etc. We do not support directly uploaded video, nor do we support arbitrary file attachments (like PDFs, Word docs, Excel files, MP3s, etc.).

Can I delete a channel's show after it's over, but before the seven day window?

Yes. The @talkshowbot supports the commands start (to start broadcasting), stop(to stop broadcasting) and delete which removes your channel's show from the web. To learn more, and find out what commands the bot supports, install the app, invite the bot to a channel and say @talkshowbot help.

What happens if I remove the Talkshow for Slack app?

If you uninstall / remove / delete the Talkshow app from your Slack team, we will delete the Talkshows that you have hosted from that Slack team, and they will no longer be visible online. We do this so that you have control over your data -- if you want to remove your Talkshows from the Internet, you can do that by uninstalling the app.

What if my Talkshow is really really long?

If your Talkshow is more than 500 messages long, we will only show the most recent 500 messages from your show. If you're planning on using Talkshow for Slack for longer running broadcasts, we'd love to know -- so get in touch.

Does this cost anything?

No. In its current incarnation, Talkshow for Slack is free.

Why'd you make this?

We love conversation, especially conversations that happen in public. We also love Slack, and have read that it's pretty popular. So why not let people host public conversations from within Slack?

Are you going to run this service forever?

Forever is a mighty long time. Plan accordingly.